The Odyssey Project

Six new ten-minute plays from six playwrights explore Homer’s Odyssey, raising questions about the construct of the hero, the importance of home and family, and the laws of hospitality regarding your Chinese chicken dinner.

Planted by Amy. E Witting, directed by Alex Correia and featuring Jim Conant, Kara Dudley, and Paul Eddy.

Polly’s Chicken DInner by Daniel John Kelley, directed by Christopher Diercksen and featuring Samanatha Fairfield Walsh and John DeSilvestri, with puppets by Jen Neads.

Sound the Alarm by Taylor J. Williams, directed by Patrick Marran and featuring John Kollmer, Patrick Taaffe, and Lisa Flanagan.

Skylla and Kharybdis by Georgette Kelly, directed by Lillian Meredith and featuring Sarah Young, Mouna Rmiki, and Stephen Bennet.

A Taste of Ambrosia by Charlie Biscotto, directed by Callie Nestleroth and featuring Sarah Murdoch, Sam Ogilvie, and Will LuriƩ.

The Massacre of the Suitors by David M. deLeon, directed by Jonathon Harper Schlieman and featuring Viraj Gandhi.

Tickets will be $15 online and $20 at the door.

More information here.