About Us

RedLeaf Theatre Co. is a new organization whose mission is to instigate—via the theatre—a way to think and talk about whatever “uncomfortable” topics are hiding in the dark recesses of public discourse. And, by so doing, to cultivate a community which serves as a force for good in the world at-large. It is the goal of RedLeaf to offer provocative and engaging productions which will draw audiences to stay beyond the final curtain to discuss what they have seen.

The company was founded by Charlie Biscotto and Taylor Williams, two students of theatre who met at American University in Washington, DC in 2008. Charlie was directing Neil LaBute’s Some Girl(s) and cast Taylor as Guy. During that production the two discovered that their mutual passion for good theatre lead to the development of a successful means of collaboration. Over the last four years they have come up with dozens of ideas, but shelved the projects because they “just weren’t right.” Finally they’ve found the project and circumstances that simply couldn’t wait: RedLeaf Theatre Co.

RedLeaf has core values which help to guide its decision-making and to ensure it remains aligned with its high-standard of excellence, as well as social and environmental stewardship. Chiefest amongst these is ‘Community First’. RedLeaf Theatre Co. exists to better its community of supporters and participants using the theatre as a springboard for conversation and action, and as a place to assemble. The idea of community also comprises the environment in which such supporters and participants exists. Therefore, RedLeaf will operate in an environmentally ethical manner at all times.

In addition to ‘Community First’, RedLeaf also believes that ‘Every Voice Is Valid’. While this seems like no more than an adage taught in primary school, it is a cornerstone belief at RedLeaf Theatre Co. It is not only the voices of the producers, directors, and writers which matter, but also the input of the actors, stage managers, and stagehands. Not only the designers, landlords, and critics, but also the audience members. While there is a time and place to create based on one’s own convictions, RedLeaf believes the potency of a piece of art can be increased exponentially through collaborative dialogue and exploration.

Thank you for reading about this exciting new company. Please accept our warmest invitation to become a part of the RedLeaf community!